Paving the Way With a New Infrastructure Plan

Paving the Way With a New Infrastructure Plan

Construction industry officials are anxious for details about President-elect Donald Trump’s $1-trillion infrastructure proposal.  Some hints about the infrastructure plan have come from Elaine Chao, Trump’s nominee to lead the Dept. of Transportation.

At Chao’s Jan. 11 Senate confirmation hearing, members of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee tried to elicit details of the plan from Chao, with little success. She did outline some broad features about the still- undeveloped proposal, saying private-sector financing will be a key element and that it will include direct federal funding, too. Chao also said that addressing the Highway Trust Fund’s persistent revenue shortfall will be high on Trump’s list as he begins his term in office.

She noted that the Trump team will be assembling an infrastructure task force to put together the plan, an indication that the proposal’s shape is far from settled and that it won’t be released soon.

Chao did indicated that the program would have “a mix of practical solutions—both public and private—that provide the greatest cost-benefit to the public.”

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