Engineering Top Talent for Infrastructure Projects

Engineering Top Talent for Infrastructure Projects

Dragados Attracts Talent for the Increasing Amount of Infrastructure Projects in the United States

Established in 1941, Dragados is an international contractor that specializes in major infrastructure projects.  These projects include bridges, roads and highways, tunnels, dams and hydraulic works.  Dragados is the construction arm of ACS Group, one of the leading infrastructure developers in the world.

Dragados involved some up and coming engineers in the Calaveras Dam replacement project in Sunol, California (pictured above with a Viking Series bridge from U.S. Bridge).  The project featured the construction of a new earth and rock fill dam to replace the existing seismically unsafe dam and to avoid flooding downstream.   It was designed to withstand a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the Calaveras Fault, situated about 1,500ft from the dam.

Calaveras Dam is just one of many hands-on projects that helps to excite aspiring engineers with the help of Dragados.  There’s more where that came from.   Economists estimate that global economies will need to invest over $71 trillion in infrastructure to meet demand.

Dragados continues to cultivate engineering talent for future infrastructure projects.