U.S. Bridge is Proud to Celebrate SteelDay 2016

U.S. Bridge is Proud to Celebrate SteelDay 2016

Today is officially SteelDay!  Many would not think of dedicating a day to steel, but its importance on our society is greatly overlooked.  U.S. Bridge is excited to be a part of this industry and happy to join other companies in celebrating SteelDay.


What is SteelDay?

SteelDay is an annual event sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and hosted by its members and partners.  SteelDay is the industry’s largest educational and networking function, with events occurring all over the country. It’s an opportunity for individuals from various professions to see how the structural steel industry contributes to building America.


Why is Steel So Important

In addition to steel being one of the most used materials around the world, steel helps to make our society more sustainable and, in essence, more profitable by helping to create jobs and tax revenues.
Here are a few more reasons why steel is so important (from our friends at the World Steel Organization):

-Steel is safer to use because its strength is consistent and can be designed to withstand high-impact crashes.

-It offers the most economic and the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.

-It’s the material of choice because of its availability, strength, versatility, ductility, and recyclability.

-Steel buildings are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, ensuring big environmental savings.

-Steel bridges are four to eight times lighter than those built from concrete.

To sum it up with a quote from the World Steel Association: “Steel is everywhere in our lives”.  We would agree!

Check out all the events across the country on the AISC website.