Types of Steel Bridges US Bridge Offers

Bridges are engineering marvels. Whether spanning great or small distances, steel bridges come in many different shapes and sizes. At U.S. Bridge, we have decades of bridge building experience. With engineers experienced in design and construction, U.S. Bridge has produced some of the best bridges in the country and around the world. Below is an overview of various steel bridges that U.S. Bridge offers.


A truss girder bridge with a camelback design, the Cambridge is perfect for both rural and industrial settings. It is very similar to the Cambridge Flat bridge as well.

Cortez (Beam)

The Cortez is perfect for short spans. Also, this beam bridge can be used with concrete and asphalt.


Made from prefabricated modules, the Liberty is perfect for temporary installations, as it offers more flexibility than other bridge types.


This Pratt Truss girder bridge is formed by creating an arch of its top curve.

Thru Truss

U.S. Bridge uses this term to describe high or box truss bridges. Due to transverse bracing, these bridges have a high span capability.


This bridge is a modified version of a bow-string arch style.


A perfect bridge for driveways or other areas where light vehicle traffic is expected. The Voyager is a depth truss style bridge. Also, this bridge type is conformed from a Pratt Truss bridge.

Experts in Steel Bridges

U.S. Bridge has completed more than 10,000 bridge projects, and has experience working in more than 50 countries. Our team designs and builds steel bridge types of many different styles, including those listed above. All of our bridges designs are custom. We work directly with our customers during the entire process. Manufacturers or distributors not required. Our family-owned business has been running and building strong for more than 80 years. Therefore, at U.S. Bridge, we take tremendous pride in our work.

To discover what type of steel bridge might best suit your needs, contact us today for a free assessment and quote. We look forward to designing and building your next bridge!

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