Construction Industry Leaders: The U.S. Bridge Difference

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Although there are various manufacturing companies across the country, their products and services do not include what we like to call the U.S. Bridge difference. In fact, U.S. Bridge is the oldest company in the United States to be engaged…

The Lifespan of Structurally Deficient Bridges in America

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Have you ever driven over a bridge and wondered how old it was? In the United States alone there are more than 617,000 bridges, 12% of which are aged 80 years or older. But were all those bridges created at the same time or with the same method?…

The Different Components of a Bridge

Nowadays, bridges have become commonplace in our modern society. They offer great solutions to problems such as carrying heavy loads across long distances or providing a safe route for pedestrians and vehicles. But have you ever wondered how…

What Does a Bridge Engineer Do?

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Bridges play a key role in our lives by connecting our communities, promoting commerce travels, and contributing to our country’s economic development. But who designs these bridges and what does a bridge engineer do? Bridge Engineers Bridge…

What is Modular Construction for Bridges

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At the start of any construction project, you have to ask what materials and method would best accomplish your goal. You've probably come across modular bridge construction and you've wondered what is it and should you consider it. We've…

Bridge Construction Games

Bridge construction games are a great way for individuals to practice engineering skills and also encourage children to critically think. Right now there are many construction games from designing a bridge to destroying a town, it can be easy…
Earth Day: Environmental Impact of Construction

Earth Day: Reducing Environmental Impact of Construction

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It's no surprise that construction has a huge impact on the environment. Although many structures can not be built sustainably today, we should still try to reduce our environmental footprint for tomorrow. However, you may be surprised to find…
Temporary vs Permanent Bridge Construction | U.S. Bridge

Permanent vs Temporary Bridge Construction: A Guide

If you're attempting to restore an existing bridge or trying to replace a destroyed bridge, you may be wondering if you should erect a permanent bridge or a temporary one. Most likely, you're thinking of building a temporary bridge construction…
History of Truss Bridge Designs

A History of Truss Bridge Designs

Perhaps one of the most impactful bridge designs in use in America are truss bridge designs. With their high weight capacity and various spans, it's obvious why truss bridge designs are used for important projects such as the famous Golden Gate…
Accelerated Bridge Construction Myths

Accelerated Bridge Construction Myths

Accelerated bridge construction is growing, but there are still many misconceptions surrounding this construction process. Often these ideas stem out of traditional approaches to bridge construction and don’t take into account changes in technology…
Bridge Engineering

Bridge Engineering that Makes Bridge Construction Effortless

No one wants to make something twice. That's why it's so important to build it to perfection the first time, especially if it's something time-consuming and expensive such as a bridge. With extensive experience in bridge engineering, bridge…
How to Design a Bridge

How to Design a Bridge Without Experience: Bridge Scope

Designing a bridge takes great engineering skills and attention to detail. Every component of the bridge design process is significant and greatly affects the rest of the project. Clearly, learning how to design a bridge can seem like an overwhelming…
Bridge Railing

Types of Bridge Railing

With so much going into a project, bridge railing may appear to be an afterthought for bridge construction. But like choosing the right deck material, bridge railing proves to be vital for every bridge design. At U.S. Bridge, we have several…
Prefabricated Bridge

Prefabricated Bridges: When and Why to Use Them

Many decisions are made when it comes to new bridge construction, one of those is the choice of a prefabricated bridge or built on-site construction. How do you know which one works best for your project? Here's a guide to help you understand…
Truss Bridge

Advantages of Steel Truss Bridge Construction

There are several timeless designs that have been used in bridge building for decades. However, there are few more iconic than the truss bridge. In the 1800s, America was the leader in truss bridge design, though older constructions used wood.…
Bridge Decking

Choosing the Right Bridge Decking System

The choice of bridge decking and flooring for your bridge is important to the aesthetics and functionality of the construction.
Pedestrian Bridge Design

Pedestrian Bridge Design: Why it Matters

You may not realize it, but pedestrian bridges are everywhere. Although we take them for granted, eye-catching pedestrian bridge design is vital.
Rural Roads And Bridges

Rural Roads and Bridges: Why They’re Important

Rural roads and bridges are an essential component of the U.S. economy. Increased government investment could benefit the economy and rural road safety.
U.S. Bridge Kits

Bridge Kits: A Solution for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) is an evolution in project planning for bridge construction. Often, bridges need to be constructed quickly and under a tight budget. Meanwhile, they need to maintain safety, quality, durability, and costs.…
Bridge Deck Designs: The Benefits of Steel

Bridge Deck Designs: The Benefits of Steel

The choice of material for your bridge deck construction is critical for the lifespan of the bridge. There are several reasons why steel may be the right choice for your bridge deck. At U.S. Bridge, we have various custom options for the floor…