Bridge Railing

Types of Bridge Railing

With so much going into a project, bridge railing may appear to be an afterthought for bridge construction. But like choosing the right deck material, bridge railing proves to be vital for every bridge design. At U.S. Bridge, we have several…
Prefabricated Bridge

Prefabricated Bridges: When and Why to Use Them

Many decisions are made when it comes to new bridge construction, one of those is the choice of a prefabricated bridge or built on-site construction. How do you know which one works best for your project? Here's a guide to help you understand…
Truss Bridge

Advantages of Steel Truss Bridge Construction

There are several timeless designs that have been used in bridge building for decades. However, there are few more iconic than the truss bridge. In the 1800s, America was the leader in truss bridge design, though older constructions used wood.…
Bridge Decking

Choosing the Right Bridge Decking System

The choice of bridge decking and flooring for your bridge is important to the aesthetics and functionality of the construction.
Pedestrian Bridge Design

Pedestrian Bridge Design: Why it Matters

You may not realize it, but pedestrian bridges are everywhere. Although we take them for granted, eye-catching pedestrian bridge design is vital.
Rural Roads And Bridges

Rural Roads and Bridges: Why They’re Important

Rural roads and bridges are an essential component of the U.S. economy. Increased government investment could benefit the economy and rural road safety.
U.S. Bridge Kits

Bridge Kits: A Solution for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) is an evolution in project planning for bridge construction. Often, bridges need to be constructed quickly and under a tight budget. Meanwhile, they need to maintain safety, quality, durability, and costs.…
Bridge Deck Designs: The Benefits of Steel

Bridge Deck Designs: The Benefits of Steel

The choice of material for your bridge deck construction is critical for the lifespan of the bridge. There are several reasons why steel may be the right choice for your bridge deck. At U.S. Bridge, we have various custom options for the floor…
Types of Bridges U.S. Bridge Offers

Types of Bridges U.S. Bridge Offers

Bridges are engineering marvels. Whether spanning great or small distances, steel bridges come in many different shapes, sizes and aesthetics. At U.S. Bridge, we have decades of bridge building experience and several types of bridges to choose…
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The Future of 3D Printed Bridges and Construction

In a decade, 3D printing has already innovated several industries, from medical implants to engineering, to aviation. The technology is achieving the unthinkable in construction, from 3D printing a house in under 24 hours to creating a prosthetic…
Building Design To Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Building Design to Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Stocking up on food supplies, buying generators, and keeping boxes full of batteries are all good measurements to prepare for extreme weather. This is especially relevant for the East Coast and the Caribbean, as we still have a few more weeks…
Steel Bridge Constructibility

Steel Bridge Constructibility

Steel bridge construction has evolved through the years. As technology improvements are more frequent, steel bridge design also changes. Some of these advances have to do with the materials, fabrication, and erection of the bridge. However,…
U.S. Bridges Short Span Bridges

U.S. Bridge Short Span Bridges

There is no question that bridges are essential structures. We have also discussed that using steel allows for a quicker fabrication and installation of bridges, and other advantages of steel. As the largest manufacturer of prefabricated steel…
Busting The Myth Painting Or Repainting Steel Bridges Is a Problem

Busting the Myth: Painting or Repainting Steel Bridges Is a Problem

There’s a persistent belief in the bridge building business that painting steel bridges is an impossible task. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, painting or repainting steel bridges can be a challenge, but it’s…
The Economic Benefits Of Bridge Building

The Economic Benefits of Bridge Building

Most of us don’t notice much about the bridges and roads that connect our cities and states. However, we would certainly notice if we woke up one day and they weren’t there. Bridges play a crucial role in various aspects of modern life,…

Bridge Floor and Deck Construction

Those who aren’t familiar with bridge building might think of decks as parts of a ship or the area in the backyard where grills are kept. However, in the industry, we know "deck" is a term for the driving surface of a bridge. Whether constructed…

How it Works: Engineering Bridges To Handle Stress

Bridges are often seen as immovable structures, but in truth, they are quite dynamic. Bridges must be engineered to move with environmental stressors in order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Additionally, different load types, weather conditions,…
Steel Truss Bridge

Optimal Design Of Through-Truss Steel Bridges

Truss bridges are one of the oldest bridge types in America. In fact, even novice bridge enthusiasts can easily spot one, since they are identified by their singular design feature: the truss, which forms triangular units. Truss bridges are…
Myths: Modular Prefabricated Short-Span Steel Bridges Are Only Temporary Structures

Myths: Modular Prefabricated Short-Span Steel Bridges Are Only Temporary Structures

Modular, prefabricated steel bridges are often considered temporary structures. Using modular design and building bridges onsite has often been considered a more efficient building method, but a less stable one. However, after meeting all the…
Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian Bridges

Steel pedestrian bridges are prevalent in parks, golf courses, and over small rivers and streams. Below is a quick description of what a pedestrian bridge is, along with different types that are available. What is a Pedestrian Bridge? Pedestrian…