“The Eagle Has Landed”

“The Eagle Has Landed”

In 1971, President Richard Nixon proclaimed July 20 as National Moon Landing Day to commemorate the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  NASA reported the moon landing as being “…the single greatest technological achievement of all time.”

The moon has many important influences on the earth.  Specifically, without its stabilizing gravity, Earth would wobble out of control, causing climatic chaos.  The moon is a critical link to our survival.

We like to think of our bridges as a critical link to a community and its well being, bringing opportunity and a sense of togetherness.  To us, bridges are more than the materials that create them.  It’s a symbol of prosperity and achievement.

We at U.S. Bridge want to help celebrate National Moon Day with a beautiful shot of the Bay Bridge in California, through the eyes of Daniel Leu.

More from Daniel Leu here.

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