Press Release – Rebuilding Puerto Rico One Bridge at a Time

Press Release - Rebuilding Puerto Rico One Bridge at a Time

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U.S. Bridge to Build 5 Bridges in the Wake of Hurricane Maria
[CAMBRIDGE, OHIO, April 20, 2018] In an effort to help Puerto Rico rebuild, U.S. Bridge has built four bridges, and is under contract for a fifth, in key areas affected by Hurricane Maria. This once-in-a-lifetime hurricane had sustained wind gusts of up to 175 MPH and left 100 percent of Puerto Rico without power for a prolonged period of time. With the destruction of bridges in areas like Utuado, San Lorenzo and Juana Diaz, residents were also stranded, isolated from other parts of the island that could provide help and aid, including food and medical attention.

Watch this timelapse video from Puerto Rico as the U.S. Bridge team works to stabilize the country.

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In addition to losing power, more than 100 of the bridges on Puerto Rico were damaged due to the storm, and 18 were closed permanently. This left some residents with no access to supplies, forcing them to create pulley systems that allowed for the transportation of goods across rivers and waterways while waiting for help.

U.S. Bridge has brought relief to Puerto Rico with the building of five Liberty bridges. In just six weeks, the bridges were manufactured and installation was completed to reconnect residents across the island.
Over 850 metric tons of U.S. steel was used to create more than 950 feet of bridge. The Liberty Bridge design has been rigorously tested to ensure durability, and longevity.

U.S. Bridge is committed to strengthening America’s infrastructure by creating and reinforcing bridges and roadways that keep goods and services moving efficiently. The company’s primary goal in Puerto Rico is to aid those affected by the hurricane so that life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

U.S. Bridge is an Ohio based company with decades of bridge design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction experience. Inquire more about how the company is changing and strengthening America’s infrastructure, one bridge at a time, by calling (888) 852-0094.

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