Federal Highway Administration Reallocates $2.8 Billion in Funds

Seneca Bridge

The Federal Highway Administration has redistributed $2.8 billion in unused federal highway aid, which can be used to help fund road and bridge projects.

FHWA’s reallocation of unused highway obligation authority is an annual occurrence, taking place toward the end of the federal fiscal year.  49 states will receive and the District of Columbia will share in the funds.

California gets the largest portion of the 2016 total, with $293.1 million. New York ranks second, with $155.8 million.

Florida is third, at $150 million, followed by Illinois, $133.4 million; and Pennsylvania, $123.4 million.

This reallocation of federal aid will help create new jobs and make improvements to our bridge and highway systems across the country.

Read the entire article here from our friends at ENR (Engineering News Record).

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