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Nowadays, bridges have become commonplace in our modern society. They offer great solutions to problems such as carrying heavy loads across long distances or providing a safe route for pedestrians and vehicles. But have you ever wondered how bridges are built? Here’s a quick breakthrough of the main components of a bridge and how they function.

The Main Components

The Type of Superstructure

The main part of a bridge is its superstructure. The superstructure bears the weight of the load as it passes through the bridge. It comprises the deck slab, girders, truss, etc. The specific components vary based on the type of bridge and its materials such as concrete or steel.

Not only does the decking hold the load weight, but it also helps transmit the weight and pressure to the below substructures of the bridge.

The Type of Substructure

The substructure of a bridge is the component that supports the superstructure and distributes the load to the bridge footings and foundation. They consist of piers, abutments, wing walls all of which facilitate the process of transmitting the weight of the load to the earth.

Different Types of Bridges

Although there are various designs of a bridge the main components will always stay the same. The only difference is the pattern or direction in which the pressure is distributed. For example, here’s the difference between the beam and truss bridge.

Beam Bridge

A Beam bridge, sometimes called a stringer or girder bridge, is one of the most basic types of bridge. Its design consists of horizontal beams and vertical piers that typically include two or more spans with an abutment or pier at each end. Beam bridges can be constructed using wood, steel, or concrete and are built for short distances as their only support is from piers.

In this design, the load is compressed on the top of the bridge and then applied down the piers to the earth.

Truss Bridge

A truss bridge design involves interconnected triangles that distribute the weight over a wide space. This unique design allows the truss bridge to carry a heavier weight capacity with fewer materials. These lightweight and durable bridges can be utilized for both short and long distances.

Truss bridges function by transferring the weight of the load from a single point to a wider area. When the load is applied to the truss bridge the pressure is shared among the triangular designs for additional support and then redirected to the earth through the bridge’s substructure. 

Build with U.S. Bridge

At U.S. Bridge, we work with the highest quality materials and engineers when designing and building bridges. Not to mention, our bridges are well-made, easy to maintain, and available in a variety of design and support types.

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U.S. Bridges Short Span Bridges

There is no question that bridges are essential structures. We have also discussed that using steel allows for a quicker fabrication and installation of bridges, and other advantages of steel. As the largest manufacturer of prefabricated steel bridges in the nation, U.S. Bridge offers cost effective solutions to short span bridge requirements. Steel bridges at U.S. Bridge have a minimal dead load. This results in a high strength to weight ratio that, in many cases, permits the use of existing abutments. Read on to learn why our short span bridges stand out from the rest.

Short Span Bridge Design

To ensure you get an unparalleled bridge, the U.S. Bridge sales and engineering departments work closely with you. Our approach allows us to define the appropriate design methodology and loading requirements for your bridge.

U.S. Bridge short span bridges guarantee the following:

  • Easy installation without special equipment
  • Available in custom lengths of up to 80 ft
  • Galvanized, self-weathering or painted finishes
  • Accelerated construction time that results in reduced costs and road closures
  • All bolted connections
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Delivery – 30 days after plan approval

Galvanizing and Flooring

The galvanizing process of the bridge ensures an attractive, long lasting, maintenance-free structure. Additionally, all of our bridges come with an exclusive 35 year galvanized rust free warranty. Plus, there is a large variety of DOT approved paint systems available for bridges.

In regards to the flooring, U.S. Bridge has several options available:

  • Asphalt deck
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Open grid metal decking
  • Treated timber

Trust U.S. Bridge

With more than 80 years of bridge design and fabrication experience, we are the most trusted name in bridges. Our short span bridges will stand the test of time with a low beam profile that allows for high clear span. Contact us today to get a quote and don’t wait any longer to start your bridge project.