Liberty Bridge Project in Morovis, Puerto Rico

Liberty Bridge Project Recap In Morovis

It’s been over a year since Puerto Rico survived the biggest hurricane in its history. Since then, the communities affected have adapted to a new life with new bridges. One of these communities is Morovis, which is thriving with a Liberty Bridge from U.S. Bridge. Shortly after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, U.S. Bridge worked tirelessly on the Morovis Liberty Bridge project. This project consisted of building a Liberty Bridge within a six-week period.

Morovis Liberty Bridge

The town of Morovis was not the only one to receive a Liberty Bridge. After Hurricane Maria, U.S. Bridge provided Liberty Bridges in other communities throughout Puerto Rico. In order to provide quick relief, U.S. Bridge manufactured and shipped Liberty Bridges to communities whose bridges were completely destroyed.

Liberty Bridges are unparalleled. It is their quick assembly and adaptability that make them ideal for emergencies. Additionally, these bridges are rigid, a quality that makes them perfect permanent structures. Explore the Liberty Bridge here.

Life After the Storm in Morovis

U.S. Bridge’s prompt response to this disaster helped residents throughout Puerto Rico find hope. Also, the Liberty Bridge project in Morovis restored the infrastructure of the town. So, to check on the bridge in Morovis, part of the U.S. Bridge team traveled to Puerto Rico in April. Our team was thrilled to see that the bridge is in great shape and that residents, travelers, and commuters are benefitting from it.

U.S. Bridge in Puerto Rico

U.S. Bridge was eager to provide relief to the people of Puerto Rico. The Liberty Bridge design for the bridges constructed in Puerto Rico was the perfect solution to connect these communities promptly. This bridge type is made up of prefabricated modules that are easy to transport and assemble, which helped bring quick relief in this emergency situation. Our work in Puerto Rico continues today and we are proud to be a part of the progress of the island. Contact us today to get your project started.