One Year After Hurricane Maria

On September 20th, 2017, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico destroying everything in its path. The aftermath of this storm left communities disconnected from the rest of the island and with a lack of resources to perform daily activities. One of those communities was Utuado, whose bridge collapsed. U.S. Bridge quickly came to help providing a Liberty Bridge. Today we take a look to appreciate the benefits of the Rio Abajo bridge in Utuado. Also, we look at the progress that this community has made ever since.One Year After Hurricane Maria

Rio Abajo Bridge in Utuado

Hurricane Maria changed the life of Puerto Ricans with the devastation and damage it brought. Therefore, at U.S. Bridge we knew that we needed to do something to provide relief and help our neighbors. The hurricane left Utuado disconnected and isolated for approximately 60 days. So, when we learned that the Rio Abajo bridge had collapsed, there was no hesitation to fly to Puerto Rico and begin work.

With no bridge to allow the survivors to move and seek help, the community devised a zip line to receive goods from the other side of the river. This homemade zip line brought temporary relief to the survivors, as they were able to receive gas, food, medication, and other commodities. However, it was going to take more than just a zip line to bring full relief to Utuado.

Connecting Communities with Liberty Bridges

The construction of the Liberty Bridge helped bring Utuado back to normalcy. And survivors recognize this:

“After a couple of days we received aid from different federal as well as state entities, but what helped us the most was the construction of the metal bridge.”

The Liberty Bridge was the perfect solution for this emergency situation. With its adaptability to different elevations and quick assembly, we were able to provide swift relief to the community. And not only is this bridge fast to construct, it also makes for a great permanent bridge. Today the community of Utuado is back to normal life thanks to the Rio Abajo bridge. Also, Utuado was not the only community that received a Liberty Bridge, there were four other communities like San Lorenzo and Juana Diaz.

The U.S. Bridge Commitment

U.S. Bridge is committed to always build the best steel bridges for communities in the nation and globally. We are also proud of being part of the entities that provided aid to hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico. So, do not hesitate to contact us to begin your project today.

U.S. Bridge and Constructora Hartmann Donate to School in Puerto Rico

The devastation Hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico is the worst the island has seen. Institutions like the Colegio Cristiano Maranatha have made tremendous efforts to go back to normalcy. But it has been a costly process and there is still a lot of work to do. To help alleviate this issue, U.S. Bridge donated $5,000 towards recovery efforts and the rebuild of the school. Likewise, Constructora Hartmann, founded in 1990 and native to Puerto Rico, donated the same amount of money to contribute to the restoration. This joining of forces will greatly help the school in the continuation of the work to repair their facilities.

Helping Our Neighbors

The Colegio Cristiano Maranatha is a nonprofit institution that educates students with special needs from Kindergarten through high school. The damage the hurricane caused was severe, forcing the school to move their students, teachers, and staff to another location in the community. Hurricane Maria’s strong winds, rainwater, and debris damaged a lot of the utilities of the school and part of the infrastructure. So, their main goal is to restore the cafeteria, classrooms, and bathrooms in order to continue the non-profit organization services. Roofing tile replacement,  the purchase of toilets and faucets, the replacement of windows, and electrical panel box units are some of the repairs they need to make. And although they have done extensive work towards the restoration of the school, their budget is limited.

Because of the school’s condition and limitations, Constructora Hartmann and U.S. Bridge donated money to help fund the repairs. This donation took place at the 45th Convención Anual y Expo Construcción in Puerto Rico last month. Thanks to this donation, the Colegio Cristiano Maranatha will now be able to afford the restoration and bring their students and teachers back to school.

Restoring Communities

After Hurricane Maria, U.S. Bridge reconnected communities in Puerto Rico by building five bridges in key affected areas. With more than 80 years of experience, we are dedicated to engineering and building long-lasting steel bridges that benefit communities. To learn more about our bridges and services, contact us today.