U.S. Bridge Team Building Spartan Race

Teamwork is one of our core values at U.S. Bridge. We believe that we can accomplish more when we work together. To that end, our company always looks for ways to bring our team members together. And this month we participated in a fun U.S. Bridge team building Spartan Race. What better way to come closer as teammates and coworkers than by doing an obstacle course together!

U.S. Bridge Team Building

Spartan Race takes place all over the nation and globally. It has become one of the most popular obstacle course races in the world with thousands of participants each year. The race our team competed in was in Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Boasting 1,500 acres of natural beauty and open space, the event took place on October 13th with hundreds of participants. And five of our team members were the brave Spartans, representing U.S. Bridge, to get into the mud together. This race is no walk in the park, as participants have to run 3+ miles of obstacle racing. While you may be able to easily run 3 miles, think about running and jumping over fire, rope climbing, wall climbing, and mud crawling. Well, that is exactly what our U.S. Bridge team did! With an impressive time of 1 hour 36 minutes and 54 seconds.

Working Together

This race is not only a physical challenge to overcome, but also a mental one. It is not an easy task to go over 3+ miles of obstacles and know that your team depends on you. This is why on this U.S. Bridge team building, our racers had to work together and communicate to finish the course. This event is also a reflection of our everyday life at the office. We know that our bridge building projects reach success when we communicate and work together. This is the quality that sets U.S. Bridge apart from other bridge companies. Our open communication and teamwork policy is the foundation of every one of our projects.

Trust U.S. Bridge with Your Next Bridge

We are proud of our team representing U.S. Bridge at Spartan Race. We know that this event was a challenging task that together they overcame and completed at an extraordinary time. Just like this obstacle course, our team at U.S. Bridge works together to bring your next bridge project to life. Contact us and get a quote for your next project.