U.S. Bridge Invests in New Peddinghaus Manufacturing Equipment

At U.S. Bridge we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Behind every good, long-lasting bridge, there is a team using state of the art machinery. We believe in investing in equipment that guarantees the best results and makes the manufacturing process safer and faster. Therefore, we have recently acquired two new Peddinghaus manufacturing machines. These new automated machines ensure accuracy at an incredibly fast production rate.S. Bridge Invests In New Peddinghaus Manufacturing Equipment

Peddinghaus Manufacturing Equipment

At U.S. Bridge, we continuously invest in state of the art technology to ensure better quality and a safe production environment. And to achieve that, we trust machinery manufacturer Peddinghaus. The company has been serving the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metal working industries since 1903. And just like U.S. Bridge, Peddinghaus has decades of experience providing excellence to their clientele worldwide. Peddinghaus manufactures machining equipment that enhances productivity and efficiency, and that utilizes the latest technology.

Innovation and Efficiency

Building bridges requires engineering, planning, and ultimately erecting the bridge. But before the erection of the final product, a lot of drilling and cutting takes place. So, in order to accomplish this and to continue to innovate and work efficiently, U.S. Bridge purchased a new beam drill line and an angle line.

The PCD 1100 beam drill line is one of the fastest solutions for structural steel. With a powerful spindle capability, our team members at U.S. Bridge use this beam drill line for heavy duty drilling. This feature is advantageous for U.S. Bridge in the completion of projects, thus guaranteeing our clients a job well done in a timely manner.

The AFPS-643/Q angle line is known for its accuracy and ability to cut in seconds. This angle-master is able to process parts such as clip angles/cleats, angle bracing, wind tower components, and transmission tower connections, just to mention a few.

Start Building with U.S. Bridge

At U.S. Bridge innovation, accuracy, safety, and efficiency are important elements in our projects. Keeping our clients and team members’ best interest in mind, we stay up to date as manufacturing technology and methods evolve. Contact us today and trust us with your next bridge project.