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Steel Bridge Constructibility

Steel bridge construction has evolved through the years. As technology improvements are more frequent, steel bridge design also changes. Some of these advances have to do with the materials, fabrication, and erection of the bridge. However, it is important to note that the initial design of the steel bridge will affect its constructibility. When there is an efficient bridge design in place, the construction process of the bridge becomes a lot smoother.

Bridge Design

Before bridge construction occurs, builders must consider challenges such as high-density urban areas, the preservation of historic bridges, or even budget restrictions. These factors will affect the design, schedule, and eventually the action plan. U.S. Bridge not only considers these factors, but also uses advanced modeling techniques to develop robust structural designs that will guarantee efficient construction.

The design process also includes the materials, flooring options, and other details as the galvanization of the structure. When it comes to bridge materials, steel is the best material for bridges. Just to mention a few advantages, steel has a lighter weight and is a more durable material than concrete. It is also a versatile building material and it’s recyclable. Thus, it allows for quicker and easier construction.

The bridge design will determine its assembly and will at times allow for adjustments. Finally, to guarantee longevity of the structure, reinforced concrete decking has the largest impact. It is the most cost-effective, but when reducing weight of the bridge is the primary concern, steel is the best option.

Bridge Style Options

The style of the bridge also plays an important role in the construction process. For instance, the Truss style bridge is a favorite because it is easier to construct. It can easily accommodate dynamic loads. In summation, using styles like the Truss steel bridge not only guarantees efficient constructibility, but is also considered a permanent structure.

The U.S. Bridge Way

U.S. Bridge is a family company that has decades of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of steel bridges. Our bridge design process follows a thorough process to guarantee a long-lasting structure. Contact us today about your project.

U.S. Bridge Freedom Series Thru Truss

Searching for a bridge design that marries both form and function? Both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, the Freedom Series Thru Truss refers to a type of high or box truss bridge that utilizes portal frames to increase span capacity. Read on to learn more about this unique bridge series from U.S. Bridge.

Get to Know the Freedom Series Thru Truss

Accommodating bridge spans up to 300 feet, the Freedom Series Thru Truss is a popular bridge design, and with good reason. Boasting an all-bolted construction, this design is easy to erect and virtually maintenance-free. Choose from galvanized or self-weathering finishes and asphalt, concrete, or metal orthotropic decks. Crafted in accordance with AASHTO Standards, the Freedom Series Thru Truss has a 35-year galvanized rust-free warranty and a lifespan of over 100 years.

Projects Featuring the Freedom Series

The U.S. Bridge Freedom Series Thru Truss is a top choice among construction companies throughout the country. For instance, the U.S. Bridge team consulted on a bridge project by Tioga Construction. Located in Warren County, N.Y., this bridge was created to replace the century-old Milton Street bridge.

Spanning the Schroon River, the new design echoes the look and feel of the previous bridge while enhancing safety and longevity. Boasting two lanes instead of one, the 155-foot structure features a five-foot-wide sidewalk and self-weathering finish. Thanks to the double bottom chord tension member design, there’s no way for water and debris to accumulate. The end result is that the bridge lasts longer and looks better.

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