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Construction sites are a common place for trespassing and theft to occur, especially when working on residential and commercial sites. In fact, a study conducted found that less than 25% of all items stolen from construction sites are ever recovered. Strong construction site security can keep workers safe, save companies money, and keep projects on time.

Here are some key tactics to consider for maintaining a tight security and keeping your workers and materials safe.

Fences & Locks

Secure fences and locks are a great way to deter trespassers. Make sure that your construction site has a perimeter fence with strong locks to protect equipment storage, expensive supplies, and data. For an even more effective site security, consider tools like electronic locks with keycard or code access.

It’ll provide stronger protection and appear more intimidating to thefts or invaders. Plus, you can even limit access to areas of the job site for certain individuals.

Posts Signs Around the Site

Don’t underestimate the benefit of a well-placed sign. Signs that the site is under 24×7 video surveillance, as well as fines and penalties, can go a long way. This is a great option especially for construction sites that are left unoccupied for extended periods. Having signs around will often prevent theft and vandalism from young trouble-makers looking to stir up some trouble. 

Invest in the Right Tools

Video surveillance systems are a great construction site security solution. They can perform multiple functions, including a full view of your site, 24/7 motion-recording, or even thermal detection. Some systems are also monitored live by security companies who can directly contact the authorities if needed.

Nowadays there are a lot of different options for alarm systems. Instead of getting a loud overbearing alarm, consider a silent alarm that directly notifies essential personnel. This way you can avoid panicking workers or the thief and catch them without delaying the project.

If an alarm system is out of the budget, bright lighting is another great option that will keep your workers and materials safe. Not only will it make it easier for your crew but tools like floodlights make it difficult for thieves to hide or operate unseen. This can discourage them from stealing from your site to look for easier prey. 

On-site Security 

Hiring on-site staff is always an option when you’re looking for strong construction site security. However, this option may be better suited for bigger construction projects or those in residential and commercial areas. Depending on your location, you should be able to find various options for private security for hire.

While it may seem unnecessary, it can save you not only the money of replacing equipment and tools but also lost project time. Compare the costs against purchasing tools like cameras and an alarm system vs personal security to determine which option works best for your project.

Keep Meticulous Records

One easy and effective method for preventing theft is tracking tool usage and inventory. Knowing that at the end of the day someone is checking the items may dissuade workers from attempting to swipe a small piece.

Keep detailed records of what materials and machines are on your site. Write down serial numbers, the equipment’s PIN, or use barcodes to keep easy track of your items and where they should be. Consider registering with companies like the National Equipment Register or the Heavy Equipment Registration to register your heavy equipment. Registering your equipment will help law enforcement to locate and recover your stolen items.

Construction site security concerns everyone involved in the project. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding site access and site conduct. This policy along with the tips above should keep your construction site safe.

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The construction industry has entered 2020 with many unpredictabilities. Things such as labor shortages are contributing to uncertainties in U.S. commercial building. In addition, the recent coronavirus outbreak is causing ruckus all over the world. Sickening and killing thousands of people, the virus has become a serious matter. While coronavirus is spreading internationally, it has severely impacted Chinese production and is devastating the global supply chain. So far, U.S. automative and airline industries have been affected. Unfortunately, the virus is also threatening the construction industry.

Construction Industry Supply Chain

The construction supply chain refers to the contractors and suppliers that contribute to making a project happen. With many processes such as planning, design, and construction, managing the supply chain can become a challenge. From the very start of a project, the supply chain plays a great role. Laborers must understand the source of all project materials as well as how to effectively meet deadlines. In relation to the supply chain, China is the largest single supplier to the United States. In fact, China imports nearly 30% of all U.S. building products. With coronavirus’s impact on China, this also greatly affects the United States construction industry. Many manufacturing factories in China are temporarily shut down, leading to delays in the supply chain flow. As a result, the U.S. construction industry may have to pay higher costs and determine temporary solutions.

“The American construction industry will not be immune to the coronavirus’ impact. For commercial builders that rely on Chinese-made goods or materials, this could mean higher material costs and potentially slower project completions.”

Richard Branch, Chief Economist for Dodge Data & Analytics

Coronavirus Leads to Shortage

Fortunately, at U.S. Bridge, we engineer and manufacture steel beam bridges in the United States. We believe that steel is the most sustainable material. However, many U.S. construction laborers import building materials, including steel, from China. Certainly, the coronavirus has led to a decrease in supply which may cause prices to increase across numerous commodities. Production lines in China are backed up due to quarantined workers and there is no transportation to deliver supplies from factories. Unfortunately, the demand for construction materials is at an all time high. Another concern due to coronavirus is delays in construction projects. This relates to its economic impact as well.

Moving Forward

As we continue to battle through this epidemic, the best we can do is hope for a speedy restoration and recovery. The worst part is uncertainty of how long the crisis will continue. For this reason, businesses must consider ways to diversify the supply base. This prevents future mishaps.

“When a company relies exclusively on a single country, the situation is like the concept of a corner solution, to use optimization terminology. We may want to avoid corner solutions.”

Expert in Operations Management & Business Analytics

Becoming more aware of risks can paint a more complete picture of the future. The construction industry must continue to take measures to move forward from the changes in the supply chain and industry as a whole. Visit U.S. Bridge online and contact us today to get a quote on your steel bridge.