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Video of Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria

Watch our summary video from Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria and the work that was done.

During devastation, we are there to help. Please fill out a free quote for more information on how we can partner with you to help during the most stressful of times.

The following is the transcript from  the video Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria in both English and Spanish

Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria: English Translation

In September of 2017, Hurricane Maria brought devastation to the island of Puerto Rico. This level 5 hurricane left the country without power … and over 1100 lives were lost to this catastrophic event.

U.S. Bridge brought relief to 5 communities throughout the island. This was achieved through use of modular designed Liberty bridges. In just six weeks, the bridges were manufactured and installation was completed to reconnect residents across the island. Over 850 metric tons of U.S. steel was used to create more than 950 feet of bridge. The Liberty Bridge design has been rigorously tested to ensure durability, and longevity.

Hope was restored. Life is getting back to normal. U.S. Bridge is committed to strengthening infrastructure by creating and reinforcing bridges that keep goods and services moving efficiently. The company’s primary goal in Puerto Rico is to aid those affected by the hurricane so that life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

U.S. Bridge is an Ohio based company with decades of bridge design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction experience. Inquire more about how the company is changing and strengthening America and the world’s infrastructure, one bridge at a time. Learn more at USBridge.com

Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria: Spanish Translation

Este video es un resumen del trabajo realizado por U.S. Bridge en Puerto Rico después de que el huracán María dejó el país devastado.

En septiembre del 2017, el huracán María trajo devastación a la isla de Puerto Rico. Este huracán de nivel 5 dejó el país sin energía eléctrica … y más de 1100 vidas fueron perdidas en este evento catastrófico.

U.S. Bridge trajo alivio a 5 comunidades en toda la isla. Esto se logró mediante el uso de puentes Liberty de un diseño moderno de forma modular. En solo seis semanas, se fabricaron los puentes y se completó la instalación para volver a conectar a los residentes de toda la isla. Se usaron más de 850 toneladas métricas de acero de EE. UU. para crear más de 950 pies de puente. El diseño del puente Liberty ha sido rigurosamente probado para garantizar la durabilidad y la longevidad.

La esperanza fue restaurada. La vida está volviendo a la normalidad. U.S. Bridge se compromete a fortalecer la infraestructura mediante la creación y el refuerzo de puentes que mantengan los bienes y servicios en movimiento de manera eficiente. El objetivo principal de la compañía en Puerto Rico es ayudar a las personas afectadas por el huracán para que la vida pueda volver a la normalidad lo más rápido posible.

U.S. Bridge es una compañía con sede en Ohio que cuenta con décadas de experiencia en diseño, ingeniería, fabricación y construcción de puentes. Investigue más acerca de cómo la compañía está cambiando y fortaleciendo los Estados Unidos y la infraestructura mundial, un puente a la vez.

Get a free quote after devastation strikes

We want to reiterate, we are here to helpPlease fill out a free quote if you live in an area where devastation has done damage to bridges. We can partner with you to help.

"Buy American, Hire American": The U.S. Steel Industry Supports a Robust Initiative

One of the Trump Administration’s rallying cries – “buy American, hire American” – is finding support among many American industries, including the U.S. Steel Industry. Already a strong supporter of American-made and American-built products, U.S. Bridge is proud to stand with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the National Steel Bridge Alliance, the Alliance for American Manufacturing, and a dozen of other organizations to support this initiative.

U.S. Tax Dollars to be Spent Domestically

The main champion of this initiative was Representative Bost, a Republication Congressman from Illinois. Accordingly, on inauguration day, Representative Bost and 20 other Republican congressmen signed a letter to the Trump Administration stating their support, and the support of their constituents for the “Buy American, Hire American” initiative. The major conceit of Buy American laws is that infrastructure improvements paid for by American taxes should utilize materials that come from American companies.

Laws that Will Have Impact

The U.S. fabricated structural steel industry is responsible for employing more than 160,000 American workers. Hence, by procuring American-made assets, the steel industry will see immediate, positive effects. At U.S. Bridge, we have always believed American-made means American-tough. Therefore, passing legislation that highlights the work and talents of American-based steel workers supports the industry as a whole – a step that U.S. Bridge wholeheartedly endorses.

Local Goods, Local Work

In addition, using local goods and workers will also help cut down production timelines. ​As a longstanding American Institute of Steel Construction certified fabricator with an Advanced Bridge designation along with Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsements; U.S. Bridge has long worked with the institute to improve the steel industry outlook in the United States.

For over 80 years, U.S. Bridge has worked with engineers, contractors, and customers to build strong bridges throughout the United States. We are the bridge building industry leader and our dedicated team will continue to buy American.

So if you would like to learn more about U.S. Bridge, please contact us by either calling: 888-872-7434 today, emailing us or bring your bridge to life with BridgeScope. We’d be especially proud to partner with you and take on your next American-made bridge project.