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Rapid, Successful, Unique Bridge Design Completed in just 26 Days

A bridge construction project that’s done in under 30 days – it’s almost unheard of, but in Muskingum County, Ohio, that’s exactly what happened. A bridge required replacement and initial estimates were that construction of the new would take more than 30 days. That work was completed by U.S. Bridge in just 26 days using steel tub girders with an SPS deck.

Quality Work Quickly

The steel tub girders paired with an SPS deck, the first of this kind in the country, is designed to last for 100 years.  As a result of its modular design, sections weighing approximately 31 tons, were fabricated and placed in just 10 minutes each. This modular structure was fabricated off-site thereby enabling the entire bridge to be set in 20 minutes rather than several weeks.

“As a steel bridge manufacturer and a general contractor, we recognize and appreciate accelerated bridge construction and so do our customers. On this project, the design of the girders paired with the SPS deck, permitted our crews to completely replace the old structure in record time. From bridge and abutment demolition to new abutments and superstructure, this bridge was open to traffic in 26 days. Remarkable.”

– Dan Rogovin, President and CEO, US Bridge

SPS Bridge is Built to Last

This bridge design is simpler, more lightweight and more durable than its predecessor, while still capable of withstanding repetitive traffic. It is the hope of U.S. Bridge and other contractors that the completion of this bridge will lead to a higher proliferation of lighter weight bridges with quicker installation times. This will help to address the U.S.’s aging bridge inventory which has reached a critical level and needs to be addressed today.

Adaptive Materials for the Environment

The slim design of this bridge type is advantageous for this area of Ohio, which is known for its steep ravines and low-lying areas. The combination of topographical features leads to changing water levels. The water typically has low-acidic PH levels which is more likely to erode concrete beams. Therefore, the steel bridge is a terrific alternative. Additionally, bridge components were hot-dipped galvanized to protect them from deicing solutions that could cause premature corrosion.

Built for the Future

Having passed three million simulated tests, the tub girder design, paired with the SPS deck, is designed to last. For more information about the SPS bridge or to speak to a U.S. Bridge specialist, click here.

Our Bridge Building Process is as Simple as Building Blocks

Maybe our title is a little too simplified because actual bridge building is highly technical and requires heavy construction equipment. However, because we at U.S. Bridge have the experience, technology, and equipment, it can be a simple process for the client to embrace. Our goal is to make the bridge building process a wonderful thing for every client. The reward for having gone through the process with us is an amazing bridge that perfectly meets the needs and purposes required.

Bridge Building Process:

Whether the bridge to be built is for private use on an estate or for a busy municipal roadway, placement is the first consideration of the bridge building process. There is always a reason bridges need to be built, and that is to meet a need. It could be to allow access to an otherwise inaccessible location. It could be to drive traffic to a business district. Or it could be merely to enhance the architecture and aesthetics of an estate or company headquarters.

Construction of the foundations is the first step toward building a bridge. This process involves detailed geotechnical investigations of the bridge site. The type of bridge foundation has to be selected, such as the well foundation, pile foundation, and the opened foundation. Each foundation is suitable for specific soil strata, and the desired bridge characteristics. The soil characteristics will determine the load bearing capacity, and other important parameters.

Bridge Building Process:

For some, the design can be simple. If your farm co-op needs a bridge over a small creek to provide access to cattle, you probably will not opt for decorative lamps and painted arches. On the other hand, if your expanding business complex opens onto main street where potential clients have to pass to enter, decor enhances your brand.

Bridge Building Process:

As the ancients learned,

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?

The obvious costs involved are the steel, concrete, rebar, labor, etc. But there are other costs that need to be factored in the equation. Our experienced experts know the costs involved, whether its material, legal, or human resource. We can give you a clear and accurate estimate before you make your decision to move forward.

  • Bidding
  • Negotiation
  • Permits
  • Fees

Bridge Building Process:

There are numerous options once you arrive at the actual construction stage for the bridge. If you followed the steps of the process, it is indeed “as simple as building blocks.” If you ever helped your child assemble a Legos kit, you get the point. This is why we call it a process. If everything is done correctly and in order, you will be rewarded with a bridge to be proud of.

  • Break Ground
  • Compaction of Soil
  • Pour Abutments
  • Girder Placement
  • Decking Plan
  • Railings Installed
  • Paint and Decor
  • Testing

Even in this short article, it is obvious that building a bridge is a complex project. It can be expensive, and it can take time. Our team can save you time and money by guiding you through the entire project. Decades of experience have enabled us to make partnering with U.S. Bridge one of the best things you can do. Call us today and let’s get started on your bridge! (888) 872-7434.


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