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Historical Rehabs

There is something special about historical bridges. Their beauty not only tells a story of the place, but also evokes curiosity about their architecture and history. There are many historic bridges throughout Ohio. However, a lot of them are structurally deficient (SD) or functionally obsolete (FO) and have been closed. At U.S. Bridge, Historic Bridge Rehabilitation is an art performed by experienced, talented bridge craftsmen. Read on to learn how we restore those incredible pieces of history by giving them new life.

Historic Bridge Rehabilitation

Many communities are defined by their bridge. So, shouldn’t they retain that character? Just because your steel truss bridge is not in compliance with your current live load requirements or is SD / FO doesn’t necessarily mean that the bridge needs to be replaced. If you can, why not restore what you have? Every year, we rehabilitate steel truss bridges that were fabricated and installed from as far back as the early 1900’s. It’s like making the old, new again.

U.S. Bridge has the special capabilities needed to deconstruct, restore, and reconstruct historic bridges and give them a new beginning. By replacing the decaying structure with newer and stronger steel, these bridges are guaranteed to last longer.

U.S. Bridge Steel Truss Bridge Rehabilitation

It is the experience and expertise that one gains after being in business for more than 75 Years. Our bridge craftsmen can deconstruct, rehabilitate and reconstruct your old steel truss bridge to make it look new again and up to today’s standards. Steel Truss Bridge Rehabilitation from U.S. Bridge can contribute to the conservation of a town’s history, while ensuring safety. Contact us today to learn more about bridge rehabilitation.