Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian Bridges

Steel pedestrian bridges are prevalent in parks, golf courses, and over small rivers and streams. Below is a quick description of what a pedestrian bridge is, along with different types that are available.

What is a Pedestrian Bridge?

Pedestrian bridges are in use around the world to facilitate the movement of people and light vehicles. Using steel in pedestrian bridges means they are easier to maintain and safer for all activities. Pedestrian bridges are frequently shipped to the project sites partially assembled thereby accelerating installation resulting in less disruption to the surrounding area and traffic.

Types of Pedestrian Bridges

  • Foot Bridges: Typically used for shorter spans, foot bridges will see a lot of traffic, hence, they must be durable. In addition, they should be aesthetically appealing, as these steel pedestrian bridges lie in highly visible areas.
  • Trail Bridges: Trail bridges are ideal for remote or difficult-to-reach areas. In locations where there is an abundance of tree cover or shade, it’s important that the steel have adequate protection from the elements.  A three coat paint system or galvanizing can extend the service life for years in these situations.
  • Parks & Recreation Bridges: Used in public parks, these bridges often come in traditional or colorful options and are an aesthetically appealing addition to a location.
  • Elevated Walkways: A combination of walkways, foot bridges, and ramps, elevated walkways can be a very visible element of outdoor spaces.
  • Landscape Bridges: Landscape bridges are most often used in green or public spaces and usually enhance their environments. Accordingly, they offer pedestrians a chance to see more of the landscape, not less.
  • Boardwalks: Boardwalks are not just for beaches anymore. Boardwalks often span long distances and are typically wide enough to accommodate bikers as well as pedestrians.

Pedestrian Bridges with U.S. Bridge

U.S. Bridge has been engineering and manufacturing steel pedestrian bridges for decades. They are in use throughout the country.  Our bridge specialists are eager to discuss your next project. If you would like more information about U.S. Bridge, please contact us today.