Cambridge Bridge Project in Temecula, CA

Cambridge Bridge Project

U.S. Bridge is proud to extend its services to communities in need of bridges. Whether it is locally or globally, we provide bridges that will last and serve a purpose. Our different bridge styles not only enhance the aesthetics of the area they are in, but also improve everyday life. The quality of U.S. Bridge steel bridges is unparalleled. We intentionally use steel to guarantee a more durable structure that will stand the test of time and weather. And that is exactly what we did in Temecula, CA.

Temecula, CA

The city of Temecula lies in the heart of Southern California wine country. Back in 1949, the city constructed a new seven-span concrete bridge that connected east Temecula to its west side. Unfortunately, the bridge did not meet the needs of the community and was classified as functionally obsolete (FO), by the California Department of Transportation. That’s where U.S Bridge jumps in.

Structure Replacement

Due to earlier floods, Temecula was in need of an improved waterway which led to accepting the new bridge replacement program. This project would lead to a new single span structure that connects the new City Hall and commercial areas in Old Town Temecula with the rest of the city. In compliance with the plan, there was only one key proposition in terms of the bridge. Jon Salazar, Project Manager for the new Main Street Bridge, suggests that the style and finish of the new bridge be aesthetically in keeping with the feel of Old Town Temecula. To see a time lapse video of the installation of this Cambridge style bridge, click here.

Cambridge Bridge

U.S. Bridge worked with Simon Wong Engineering, now known as Kleinfelder, to develop a structure that would meet the needs of the city while maintaining its Old Town aesthetic. After the design of the bridge, the city awarded a contract to Granite Construction who, in turn, selected U.S. Bridge to fabricate the structure. U.S. Bridge put together a Cambridge style truss bridge with a weathering finish that spans 152’ with a width of the 47’. The Cambridge bridge was the perfect style, as it meets the requirements in addition to its durability and functionality. Additionally, they incorporated two 9’ exterior sidewalks. Fortunately, no piers were needed in the waterway as the span length was well within U.S. Bridge’s capabilities.

Connecting People and Opportunities

Now, Temecula has its very own updated and modern bridge structure. Unlike the old seven-span concrete bridge, the new clear structure is designed to meet the 100-year flood conditions. Not only will the city be in safer hands, but people are able to travel more efficiently while experiencing new opportunities.

“Everyone in the City of Temecula is thrilled with the new bridge structure, the appearance and the pedestrian walkways.”

Jon Salazar.

U.S. Bridge Building to Last

As a leading provider of public and private sector bridges around the globe, U.S. Bridge has more than 80 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of quality steel bridges. We are dedicated to serving communities while building safe structures. Call us today or get a quote online.